Creative Solutions for...

               Homes - Businesses - Families

- Errands, Shopping
- Household Management
- Office Assistance/Systems
- Professional Organizing
- Caregiving/Companionship
- House-Sitting and Pet Care
- Document Writing and Editing
- Workshop/Travel Coordination
- Ministerial and Healing Services
- Event Planning and Hosting
- Other Personal Assistant Tasks*

*If you do not see the services you need above, please contact
us to discuss custom designed projects based on your needs.


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ersonal Assistants
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Step One:  Take a few moments to decide which tasks are taking time away from doing the things you really enjoy.

Step Two:  Contact Hawaii Personal Assistants with the jobs you would like to delegate, and focus on the number one priority on the list...

___ Enjoy life!
___ Grocery shopping
___ Household organizing
___ Correspondence, invitations
___ Bill paying and budgeting
___ Meal preparation
___ Walk and feed the dog
___ Take pet to vet or groomer
___ Waiting for service people (phone, cable, repair, etc.)
___ Flower and gift delivery
___ General personal shopping
___ Data entry and filing
___ Office organization
___ Hire office assistant or executive assistant
___ Caregiving for family members
___ Find caregiver support person
___ Car services (car wash, oil change, repairs)
___ Writing and editing documents
___ Gift buying and wrapping
___ Postal services (mail packages, pick-up mail, buy stamps)
___ Pick-up and deliver dry-cleaning
___ Book minister for ceremonies and rites of passage
___ Schedule appointments
___ Make travel arrangements, itineraries
___ Hire assistant for travel and business meetings
___ Employ housesitter (water plants, pick-up mail, pet care, etc.)
___ Event planning, hosting, clean-up
___ Complete essay and report writing
___ Find writing services for documents, memoirs, e-mails
___ Misc._________________________
___ Misc._________________________
___ Misc _________________________
___ Misc._________________________

Personal Assistants in Hawaii and California are ready to help you reduce stress and reach your goals.  Contact Amy Garcia today at (951) 966-4471.