“I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done in my office when I called Amy Garcia in to help.  Amy’s calm demeanor and get it done attitude was a lifesaver.  The amount of work that she was able to get done in just a short period of time amazed me.  I would recommend RPA to anyone who needs help in bringing peace and order into their lives." 
Cynthia B., Business Owner

“I have worked with Amy Garcia for many years with event planning.  She has excellent skills for putting events together and then seeing them through.  She is very efficient, reliable, personable and well organized.”
Georgia V., Minister

“I don’t like to shop, so the Amy Garcia has taken care of my errands and household management for years.  This enables me to just relax and enjoy myself after a long day at work.  I would recommend these services to anyone who wants to reduce stress and have more free time.” 
Larry G., Mechanic

"I have had other people as caregivers and none can compare with Amy.  I would recommend her to anyone and for any task that you may have.  She is a woman of many talents and is very sincere and caring.   She has a sweet demeanor and was trustworthy right from the start.  I plan on using her services again.” 
Tiffany R., Human Resources

“I always go to Amy to get help with writing documents.  She has a gift for putting ideas on paper in a concise and easy to read manner.  Her abilities as a published author are evident in the manuscripts she creates for individuals and businesses.  She is very helpful and patient.” 
Audrey P. - Retired

"I want to express to you what a pleasure it was to employ Amy Garcia. She not only became a friend, but a part of our family.  Amy was never late and was very reliable and flexible with our schedule.  We appreciated her working with us."
Tarea R., Entrepreneur 

“Amy is great to work with!  She knows how to organize things in a simplified way, bringing peace to what used to be chaos.  Thanks for the zen!” 
Tracy R., Real Estate Broker


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